Its been a while since chaos has won anything...... well....... uuuumm.. congrats! 
YAY SUPER SWIMMER!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!!!(even though we didn't see it) but the vote was 3 to 2! good try though Chaos!!!!
Congratulate musiclvr on winning her first contest, with the violin virtuoso!!!!! YAY MUSICLVR!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Well congratulate chaos for her work in the most loyal fan contest!!!!! SO CONGRATS CHAOS!!!! man, there are a lot of chaos's here.....
Writermom won her first contest!! Wahoo!! Congratulate her guys!!!
Well, congrats Kelkel! Wanna win another one? SUBMIT SOME STUFF!!!!!!
OMG@OMG.COM!!!!!!!!! Kelkel won!!! Congratulate her guys!! (Chaos, I expect you to be nice to Kelkel!) WAHOO! STEP UP YOUR GAME CHAOS!!!!!!
We should just name this page the chaos page #2!
Well, Chaos has struck again. If chaos wins ten or if anyone wins ten contests they get free advertising space on this website!!! Hope she doesn't win again so someone else gets a shot.
Congradulate chaos! She won the third contest!!!! She also gets her own page!!!! Congradulate her for being the first winner of every contest and gets her own page!!!! You can look for it under the weird page!!!